About Us

At Apollomics, we are a purpose-driven company imagining a world without cancer. We let science drive our decision making to advance our programs. We believe in the power of partnerships to enhance our pipeline and broaden the patient populations we serve.

Our existing pipeline consists of several development-stage assets including tumor inhibitors against uncontrolled growth signaling pathways, anti-cancer enhancers developed as adjuncts to chemotherapy, and immuno-oncology drugs which take advantage of the body’s immune system to fight cancer.

Relying on Our Dual Presences in the U.S. and China and Executing a “Dual” In-licensing Strategy

With our presence in China and the U.S., together with our drug development know-how and our oncology expertise, we consider us an ideal partner for companies from the West interested in entering the fast-growing China market, as well as companies from China interested in accessing the global market. We have entered into in-licensing arrangements with a number of biotechnology companies.

Apollymi + omics

Our name is derived from the Greek verb 'apollymi' which means "to destroy", and 'omics' is a term used for large amounts of biological data. In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of healing. Our identity reinforces our mission to utilize sound scientific rationale to eradicate cancer and improve the lives of cancer patients.

Apollo's lyre symbolizes our VISION to be a global leader in the development of novel medicines for cancer patients.
Our visual mark is a symbolic play of Apollo's musical instrument, the lyre. The two circles represent patients while the two colors represent a dance of the east and west joining in a common goal to fight cancer.


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