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CBT Pharmaceuticals and Strata Oncology Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Development of CBT-101, a c-Met inhibitor, for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and other Solid Tumors

PLEASANTON, Calif., HANGZHOU, China, and ANN ARBOR, Mich., December 10, 20188 — CBT Pharmaceuticals (CBT), Inc., a U.S. and China-based innovative pharmaceutical company, and Strata Oncology, Inc., a precision oncology company, today announced that the companies have entered into an agreement to drive patient enrollment in CBT’s ongoing Phase 1/2 trial of CBT-101 in cancer patients with c-Met dysregulated malignancies including non-small cell lung cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, Strata will exclusively refer Met-amplified, Met-mutation and Met-fusion advanced cancer patients identified through the Strata Trial for enrollment consideration into CBT’s clinical development program for CBT-101.

“Partnerships with innovative pharmaceutical companies like CBT, who share our vision for biomarker-driven drug development, are essential to our mission to accelerate development of promising precision therapies for cancer patients,” said Dan Rhodes, Ph.D., CEO of Strata Oncology. “This marks the eighth study in Strata’s portfolio of pharma-sponsored precision trials which are available to eligible advanced cancer patients at our partner health systems.”

The Strata Trial is a genomic screening protocol providing comprehensive tumor molecular profiling to advanced cancer patients at no cost, and proactive enrollment support for a portfolio of pharma-sponsored precision therapy trials. Tumor profiling through the Strata Trial is provided as part of routine care to solid tumor patients across the Strata Precision Oncology Network, a network of 14 leading health systems representing more than 100,000 new cancer patients annually. This large network of trial-ready health systems with fully pre-screened advanced cancer populations enables rapid and predictable enrollment of precision therapy trials.

Gavin Choy, Chief Operating Officer of CBT Pharmaceuticals, stated, “One of our goals at CBT is to develop selective medicines in cancer populations driven by a particular mutation. By partnering with Strata’s extensive oncology network and genomic screening capabilities, we can accelerate the development of CBT-101 by broadening patient access to our investigational therapy and targeting the patients who may derive the most benefit.”

About CBT-101

 CBT-101 is a novel, small molecule drug that targets the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) pathway that is dysregulated in several tumors. It is a specific inhibitor of the c-Met receptor. CBT-101 has demonstrated tumor inhibitory effect in a variety of human primary c-Met amplified gastric, hepatic, pancreatic and lung cancer xenograft animal models with c-Met fusions, mutations or amplifications. Visit for additional information on the ongoing trial: NCT03175224.

About Strata Oncology, Inc.

Strata Oncology, Inc. is a precision medicine company dedicated to transforming cancer care by systematizing precision oncology across a network of health systems and pharma companies. Strata empowers health systems to deliver a cost-effective, system-wide, precision oncology program, one that integrates cutting-edge molecular profiling and precision therapy trials with routine care, so that all advanced cancer patients have the opportunity to benefit. This large network of trial-ready health systems provides a mechanism to rapidly and predictably enroll precision therapy trials. For more information visit

About CBT Pharmaceuticals

CBT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company committed to becoming a global leader in the discovery and development of oncology combination therapies that harness the immune system and target specific molecular pathways to tame cancer. The company’s existing pipeline consists of five development-stage assets including three novel, humanized monoclonal antibodies that restore the body’s immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells, and two targeted therapies against uncontrolled growth signaling pathways. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @CBTpharma.

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